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Family Caregiver

The Emotional Toll of Caring for an Elderly Parent

You plan for your career. You plan to purchase a home. You plan for a family. But life often has other plans and throws unexpected curveballs. Caring for an elderly parent is often not a job most people plan for,

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At Home Therapy
Body Mechanics

Is Senior Exercise Dangerous?

It’s not usually a problem for us to get sufficient exercise while we’re younger; physical activity is a natural part of our busy, everyday lives.

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Family Caregiver

Overcome Caregiver Guilt with These Tips

So many of us are trying to juggle a number of different balls, and for caregivers, it can feel more like juggling knives and flaming swords. It’s natural for family members to become overwhelmed and to experience

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Senior Care

Is Home Care Really an Option?

There’s nothing quite as comforting as home, which is why the overwhelming majority of seniors’ hearts are set on continuing to live at home throughout aging, rather than moving to an assisted living

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