The Emotional Toll of Caring for an Elderly Parent

caring for an elderly parent - in home car franklin tn
Caring for an elderly parent can be difficult emotionally.

You plan for your career. You plan to purchase a home. You plan for a family. But life often has other plans and throws unexpected curveballs. Caring for an elderly parent is often not a job most people plan for, and many underestimate the financial burden, the amount of time it takes to provide that care and the emotional toll it can take.  

To keep a healthy life balance and prevent caregiver burnout, keep these tips in mind: 

  • Make time for a phone call or a visit with a friend or family member every now and then. Too often, family caregivers throw themselves into caring for their loved one so intensely that they lose track of other healthy relationships, which can result in feelings of loneliness and depression. Be sure to surround yourself with supportive friends and family. 
  • Set personal limitations. Don’t be afraid to let your loved one know what you can give him or her in terms of time and support 
  • Make time every day to relax with soothing music, prayer, meditation or other techniques. 
  • Do one thing you enjoy daily. Focus on spending time in at least one activity every day that brings you pleasure. It could be engaging in a favorite pastime, taking a walk, reading a book in a favorite spot or enjoying a latte at your favorite coffee shop. 
  • Exercise regularly, even if it requires finding someone else to care for your loved one while walking or attending an exercise class. 
  • Eat healthy meals and rest well Make sure you’re getting proper nourishment and sleeping enough hours each night.
  • Contact a trusted, local provider of in-home health care services in Nashville, TN, like Stay Home Care, to learn about their home care services. 

Caring for an elderly parent can feel like an overwhelmingly solo job, but remember that you are not alone, and you do not have to accomplish everything yourself! Reach out to the experts in home health care services in Nashville, TN and the surrounding area at Stay Home Care at 615-964-7726 to learn how we can help you find a healthier life balance.