How Exercise for Elderly Adults Can Be Maintained with the Help of Home Care


A body that’s at rest will stay at rest. If physical activity hasn’t been a routine part of a person’s daily routine, this ingrained behavior will need to first be overcome when attempting to make exercise for elderly adults a part of everyday life. The key is to set a routine that will make it easier for your senior loved ones to remember – and look forward to – exercising.

The top providers of senior care in Nashville and the surrounding areas at Stay Home Care recommend keeping the following tips in mind:

  • For a senior experiencing frailty, merely getting up and down out of a chair without assistance utilizes muscles that will benefit from movement.
  • First, place the focus on individual goals, concerns, and any obstacles that may be inhibiting the senior from exercise.

After receiving recommendations and approval from the senior’s doctor, even someone dealing with issues of frailty should be able to exercise at home, following a plan to help him or her improve strength and endurance and improve overall quality of life. These suggestions can help with a successful integration of a fitness routine into your loved one’s daily activities:

  • Exercise in short, ten-minute sessions.
  • Set up a schedule. It’s important to designate specific times every day for exercise, making it an integral, routine part of the person’s everyday schedule.
  • Be sure the senior wears comfortable clothing that will prevent restriction of movement.
  • The senior can also wear leg warmers or over-the-knee socks to help reduce the risk of sore muscles in the lower legs.
  • If any exercise causes pain, the senior should stop immediately.

Routine exercise is a crucial component of daily life for people of all ages, and at Stay Home Care, we’re here to help your senior loved one exercise at home and discover a whole new lease on life with routine, safely monitored activities.

By providing motivation and encouragement, and even participating in exercising with the older adult, increasing physical activity levels becomes something your loved one will begin to look forward to and enjoy every day. Contact us at 615-964-7726 to learn more and to get started on improving wellness for your senior loved one with our customized senior care in Nashville and the surrounding areas!