Hiring a Caregiver? Be Sure to Get Answers to These Questions First!

Caregiver. Post its with questions written on them.
Before hiring a caregiver, find out answers to these important questions.

When hiring a caregiver for a loved one, there are a range of options available to families, and it’s crucial to diligently research and ask the appropriate questions to make sure you obtain the highest level of care. Stay Home Care provides questions below that you can have in front of you when contacting home care agencies, to ensure that you’re making an informed decision:


  • List of services. Do they offer services specific to the senior’s individual needs? Is someone available to give you information on all services, eligibility requirements and funding sources? Is that information easily accessible online or can they email it to you?
  • Training and supervision. What professional training and certification does the agency require of its caregivers? What level of professional supervises the care? How often do the supervisors oversee the caregivers on location to guarantee proper care is being provided?
  • Documentation and coordination. Are visits and treatments documented? Do family members have easy access? Does the agency coordinate with the older person’s medical team to provide a coordinated plan of care?


  • Length of visits. How often will the care provider visit, and how long will he/she stay for each visit? Will the agency supply care on evenings and weekends? Does the visit allow for time to talk with and get to know the senior?
  • Rotation of care. Is care provided on a consistent basis by the same caregiver, or is care rotated between multiple people? If rotated, how often? Does the family receive advance notification when a change is being made?
  • Accessibility. Do the agency office staff and the direct care provider stay in regular contact? Do they keep you informed of any changes in the older person’s health or care plan?


  • Funding and billing. Are home care services covered by Medicare or Medicaid? Do they supply written statements explaining costs? How often is the care billed if there is payment due?
  • Additional fees. Are there any additional fees for special or extended services? Who is responsible for these expenses? Are payment plans available for any out-of-pocket costs? Is there someone at the agency who can help with exploring all options to pay for care?

We hope that if your senior loved one is in Brentwood or the surrounding communities, you will consider Stay Home Care, the leading Brentwood home care agency, for your care needs. With years of experience and a complete range of services  – from hourly to around-the-clock companions and everything in between – we offer respite care as well as professional dementia care in Brentwood, Thompson’s Station, Fairview, Smyrna, and surrounding areas. We would love to talk with you any time; you can reach us online or at 615-964-7726.