Companion Care

Senior Companionship Services in Nashville and Surrounding Areas Make Life Brighter

Everything is better with a friend by your side! But for many older adults, it can be challenging to stay social and connect with others. Mobility issues, health concerns, and other factors can lead to loneliness. Studies have shown than loneliness and isolation can be extremely dangerous to a senior’s mental and physical health and wellbeing. We have the ideal solution, however: in-home senior companionship services!

How Does Companion Care Help Older Adults?

A caregiver brings a ray of sunshine into an older adult’s life and home. They are on hand to spend quality time with the person, according to each person’s individual interests. They are also great motivators to encourage healthy eating, exercise, memory enhancement, and more. A caregiver will spend time getting to know the person in their care and can then customize activities accordingly to that person’s likes and interests.

Here are just a few of the many life enrichment activities that seniors and their caregivers can engage in together:

  • Conversations and reminiscing
  • Arts and crafts
  • Gardening
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Listening to music, whether in the home or at a live performance
  • Taking walks and participating in exercise programs, per doctor’s recommendations
  • Puzzles, board games, cards, etc.
  • Scrapbooking or organizing photo albums
  • Outings for lunch, shopping, to visit friends, etc.
  • Volunteering for an organization of special meaning to the senior
  • Learning something new: a new language, musical instrument, or whatever is of interest
  • And so much more

Will the Senior Need to Entertain Their Companion Caregiver?

We hear this quite often about other companies: an older adult is concerned about how to keep their caregiver entertained during their visits. We want to reassure you that no entertaining is needed or expected! Our elderly caregiving experts are fully trained and experienced in making sure that their visits are something a senior will look forward to with anticipation.

There is nothing the senior needs to do to prepare for or worry about. We are here to serve each person with the right level of care, support, and companionship to simply make life better, safer, and more enjoyable.

For someone who may be reluctant to welcome a caregiver into their home, we suggest giving it a try! It’s heartwarming to see how quickly a bond of friendship develops between an older adult and their senior companion. In no time at all, they develop a connection and camaraderie that promotes a higher quality of life and wellness.

It is also a great introduction to meeting future care needs. Once the person is comfortable with their caregiver, it’s much easier to add on additional services, such as help with meals, housekeeping, or personal hygiene needs.

Why Families Choose Stay Home Care for Nashville In-Home Care Services

At Stay Home Care, our extensive hiring and training process means that each caregiving expert we employ is one who we would want caring for our own older loved ones. We are careful to choose only the most kind, caring, and devoted individuals who truly have a heart for older adults. They love what they do and know they are making a difference in the lives of those they serve.

Our core values include creating relationships, providing quality care by compassionate and empathetic professionals, and consistency in our care, staffing, communications, and customer service. Combined, these values help create a positive outcome for the seniors we serve and their families. See for yourself what our clients have to say about the difference we’re making in their lives!

A senior playing cards with a companion, having lively, engaging conversations, and enjoying outings in the community is one who is truly thriving. Let us help someone you love experience the higher quality of life they can enjoy through the addition of our senior companionship services!

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