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Help Older Adults Feel Their Best With Senior Personal Care in Nashville & Surrounding Areas

It’s easy to take the simple things in life for granted. A morning shower, a quick trip to run errands, and enjoying a delicious meal are everyday occurrences we do without really giving them a second thought. As we age, however, these activities can become difficult to manage independently. At that point, figuring out how to continue to enjoy daily activities of living takes center stage.

At Stay Home Care, we understand the value and importance of maintaining a person’s daily life routines. Our personal home care assistance services mean life can go on as the person wishes, with just the right amount of support provided. Our goal is always to maximize independence. We promote the freedom for those we serve to continue to make daily choices and decisions. 

Why Would a Senior Need Personal Care Services?

Our personal caregivers are often preferred over a friend or family member to help with personal care and hygiene needs. It may be uncomfortable for an adult child, for instance, to help an aging parent take a bath, get dressed, and use the restroom. Our professionals are trained and experienced in discreet, respectful attention to the care needs of older adults.

In addition, we offer assistance as needed or desired with tasks and activities such as:

  • Meal planning, preparation, and clean-up
  • Transfer and mobility assistance
  • Medication pick-up and reminders
  • Light housekeeping and laundry
  • Shopping, errands, and excursions in the community
  • Light stretching and exercise
  • And much more

What if a Senior Wants Things Done a Specific Way?

We honor and respect each individual’s wishes in every aspect of care we provide. All of our services begin with the development of a customized care plan that will outline a senior’s challenges and how we will go about helping to overcome them. It comes down to listening and responding to what is important to each individual. Rest assured that we will never come in and “take over.” We simply offer the level of support and assistance needed so they can maintain the independent lifestyle to which they’re accustomed.

This level of respect is especially crucial when it comes to home care assistance. Each individual we serve remains in control of their care choices. We take time to find out answers to questions such as:

  • Does the person prefer a bath or shower?
  • Do they have favorite brands or scents of soap, shampoo, lotion?
  • Which clothing items are their favorites, or make them feel best about their appearance?
  • Is there a certain time of day they like to go to sleep and wake up?
  • What does their preferred daily routine look like?
  • What can we do to make their life easier, safer, and more comfortable?

Stay Home Care: Nashville’s Leading Choice for Personal Care Services

With a caregiver from Stay Home Care by your side, you can get back to being a family member or friend to a senior loved one. We partner with you to help with tasks you and the senior would prefer to delegate, so you can simply enjoy quality time together.

Each of our caregivers has been extensively vetted through our interview process, background and reference checks, and review of skills and experience. We also check for innate characteristics that are so important in providing senior care: compassion, integrity, empathy, and kindness, just to name a few.

Once we have decided to bring a caregiver onto our team, we provide full training – both initially and ongoing. We also go to great lengths to carefully match each of our caregivers to the seniors they serve based on compatible personalities, interests, and more. This allows for a greater comfort level and a quick and long-lasting bond of trust and companionship.

It’s Natural to Have More Questions About Personal Home Care Assistance!

We know that inviting a caregiver into the home of a senior loved one to assist with care needs isn’t easy. It’s never a decision to be taken lightly, and it’s important to ensure that all of your questions are answered. Our care experts are always on hand to talk through the challenges you’re facing and to provide you with the information and resources you need to best support a senior family member.

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