Respite Care

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Becoming a family caregiver for someone you love is a selfless and highly rewarding decision. It can also become overwhelming if self-care is neglected. Many family caregivers find it difficult, if not impossible, to take necessary time away from their care duties. Yet in order to best meet the care needs of someone else, you need to meet your own needs, too.

If you’re finding it hard to step away on a regular basis to tend to your own interests and responsibilities, our in-home respite care services are the solution you need. We offer short-term senior care that empowers you to set aside as much or as little time as needed for:

  • Relaxing, enjoyable activities
  • Shopping and other errands for yourself and your family
  • Hair and nail appointments
  • Exercise
  • Attending children’s school activities and events
  • Spending one-on-one time with your spouse, other family members, and friends
  • Catching up on lost sleep
  • Vacations and business trips
  • Anything else that helps you feel rested and restored

Why Is Respite Care for Family Caregivers Important?

As a family caregiver, you are likely under a great deal of stress and pressure. There may be worries and concerns over your senior loved one’s health. It may feel as though there aren’t enough hours in a day to meet their needs in addition to your own. You may be missing out on activities and functions you would like to participate in, but feel guilty about leaving the older adult behind. Or it may be difficult to find another trusted family member or friend to step in and fill your role temporarily.

Neglecting your own needs can quickly lead to caregiver burnout, depression, or other serious health problems. It can also deplete your patience and ultimately limit your ability to provide the high quality care your family member needs and deserves.

Respite care services also benefit older adults by providing opportunities for socialization outside of their normal circle of family and friends. You’ll receive peace of mind from knowing that the senior you love is enjoying engaging conversations and activities with a trusted companion.

There’s nothing selfish about self-care. If you haven’t been able to take routine breaks from care, exploring respite care options is important for both yourself and the senior you’re caring for.

What Services Does Respite Care for the Elderly Include?

All of our in-home care services, including specialized dementia care, are available as short-term senior care. We will talk with you about the challenges your loved one is facing, and provide just the right caregiver who will be most compatible with the senior and most qualified to meet their needs. This could include meals and light housekeeping, personal hygiene support, transportation to fun outings, or just a friendly companion to make the day brighter.

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