Make Time for These Two Great Activities for Senior Citizens: Music and Art

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We hear a lot about the value of the arts in children’s education, but how about when we grow older? Art plays a valuable part in learning throughout our lifetimes, and is, as a matter of fact, one of the best activities for senior citizens because of the many benefits it offers.

For many seniors, especially those who have lost a partner or who are forced to stay home due to mobility issues, everyday life can become monotonous, and despondency and isolation become common. However, adding in enriching activities can help overcome these feelings and provide a therapeutic way for seniors to express themselves. Adding arts and music into daily care provides not only emotional enrichment, but can also significantly enhance quality of life and even improve both physical and mental capabilities. Below are some examples of how to add arts and music into daily life.


Activities for Senior Citizens

  • Painting and drawing can improve mental stimulation as well as fine motor skills
  • Older adults express reduced anxiety and apathy after a visit to an art museum
  • Music can help reduce pain, make it easier to cope with stress, and boost the immune system
  • Music reduces anxiety, agitation, depression and loneliness, and it’s easy to enjoy at home
  • Music and art are especially beneficial for those with dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease
  • Art therapy can help someone with dementia to regain lost muscle function and coordination
  • Music that an older person enjoyed in younger years triggers enjoyable memories

A study conducted by CoroHealth Music First revealed that agitation and depression decreased by more than 50% in seniors who were routinely exposed to music they enjoyed. And we at Stay Home Care, providers of trusted home care in Nashville, TN and nearby areas, aren’t surprised – music is a source of comfort for us all. We have often witnessed the rejuvenating effects of music and art activities for the seniors we’re privileged to serve.

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