Why Transitional Home Care After Surgery Is Best for Seniors

caregiver showing tablet to senior woman as after surgery, transitional home care
Transitional care at home is preferred for older adults for a number of reasons.

Recovering from surgery takes time, especially for seniors. Not only do aging bodies take longer to heal, but with compromised mobility and a plethora of instructions for medications, physical activities, follow-up appointments, and dietary restrictions, there’s a lot to keep track of following a hospitalization. Transitional home care may be right for your family following surgery.

What Is Transitional Home Care?

Transitional home care is after-surgery home care that helps someone settle back in at home safely and comfortably. A caregiver after surgery can assist in a variety of ways, from picking up prescriptions and groceries to taking care of meals and housekeeping, allowing the person to rest and recover. They can also monitor for any changes in condition and ensure they’re reported immediately to avoid a re-hospitalization.

Why Is After-Surgery Home Care Important?

A recent study conducted by IPC, The Hospitalist Company showed that as many as one out of five discharged patients needed assistance in at least one area that had the potential to impact their recovery. Other similar studies have revealed that bringing in professional home care services during the transition from hospital to home actually reduces hospital readmissions.

As a leading provider of elderly home care in Nashville, TN and surrounding communities, Stay Home Care is here to help older adults with safe transitions home from the hospital by providing professional in-home care to aid with recovery. We can begin helping soon after hospital admission to determine a senior’s needs when returning home, ensuring coordinated efforts and continuity of care.

We’re able to work with the hospital care team to create a recovery plan that includes:

  • Follow-up appointments
  • A list of medications, allergies and dietary restrictions
  • Exercise and activity routines
  • Medical equipment
  • Medical concerns and how to respond to potential effects

Once back at home, we can provide transitional home care that includes:

  • Preparing healthy meals
  • Helping with bathing and getting dressed
  • Making sure medications are taken exactly as prescribed
  • Helping connect the older adult with local resources
  • Providing transportation to and from follow-up appointments

Following is just one example of a family we were able to help with our professional home care services:

Mrs. L’s adult daughter is an extremely busy working mother. When Mrs. L needed to go in for surgery, her daughter didn’t know how she could manage her mother’s care after she was discharged. Stay Home Care was on hand to help.

With regular visits, our caregiver monitored Mrs. L’s condition, including her diet and physical activity levels, making sure medications were taken on time and the physician’s plan was followed according to instructions. We provided reports after each visit to Mrs. L’s family, keeping them updated on her recovery and contacting them immediately if there was any cause for concern. Additionally, we carefully monitored Mrs. L’s plan of care for progress towards goals and any needed changes in care were brought to the doctor’s attention.

We know that the majority of seniors prefer to recover in the comfort of home. By working with you and adhering to physicians’ recommendations, Stay Home Care’s compassionate and professional care staff can implement a plan for transitional care at home that is best for a senior you love.

How Can You Arrange for a Caregiver After Surgery?

Transitioning from hospital to home can be a smooth process, and our top priority is to help make sure your loved one is on the road to recovery. Contact us at 615-964-7726 or complete our online contact form, request an in-home consultation, and to learn more about our transitional home care in Nashville, TN and the surrounding communities. We’d love to meet you and share more about how we can help you and your senior loved one. Visit our Locations Served page to find out if our services are available in your community.